3 Reasons While You Should Not Urinate While Taking Your Bath

Many individuals urinate in the shower without thinking about it. It could be something you do on occasion or even like doing. You, like me, may have worried whether this conduct is safe or damaging to your health. Are you wondering if it’s okay to pee in the shower?Urinate While Taken Your Bath

People who are concerned about the environment will say no, while others believe that urinating in the shower saves the water that would have been used to flush the toilet. The decision is yours; but, we must examine the consequences of this action. In this essay, I’d want to educate you about the risks of peeing in the shower.

Why should you not pee in the shower?

1. Your urine is contaminated.

Many people believe that pee is clean and pure, but research has shown that it can contain dozens of different species of bacteria, including staphylococcus and streptococcus, which are linked to staph infections and strep throats, respectively.

2. You may become infected again.

Healthy urine may have a low bacterial count, however this is not the case if you have urinary tract infections (UTI). Even though it is uncommon (rare) that germs from your urine will infect you if they enter your body through cuts or wounds on your legs or feet.

3. Infections can spread from the shower floor.

Peeing in the shower with someone else is quite inappropriate. You may be unaware that the other person has an infection or UTI. Infection-causing bacteria may be present in urine, and you may become infected, particularly if you have a cut or wound on your leg or feet. MRSA infections can be spread through the shower floor.

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