4 Wrong Sleeping Positions That Can Make A Newborn Baby Die While Sleeping

The joy of having a baby might be cut short if that child dies unexpectedly, especially if the newborn showed no signs of illness. This occurrence is known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and it accounts for the deaths of approximately 3400 babies in the United States each year. A baby’s natural or physical flaws can make it less likely to survive.

However, many new mothers are unaware that sleeping environment issues can also result in newborn deaths. When placed in these incorrect sleeping positions, a newborn who already has breathing issues may not survive.

1. Sleeping on one’s stomach or one’s side.Wrong Sleeping Positions

It is unsafe to place your infant on his or her side or stomach, especially if the youngster already has respiratory difficulties, which will be exacerbated in this resting position. It is preferable to sleep babies on their backs to facilitate breathing.

2. Sleeping on a soft surface, face down.Wrong Sleeping Positions

Never place your baby face down on a soft surface such as a soft mattress, water bed, or fluffy blanket. Laying your babies down on certain items can cause their airways to get obstructed.

3. Sleep in the same bed as parents, siblings, or pets.Wrong Sleeping Positions

This is why new mothers should have baby cribs where their infants can sleep separately. Your baby should not share a bed with anyone else or a pet. While sleeping in the same room reduces the risk of a newborn dying suddenly, sleeping in the same bed as infants raise the risk.

4. Place the baby in a warm environment.Wrong Sleeping Positions

Your kid should not be overheated while napping. This raises the possibility of a newborn dying while asleep.

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