5 People that can ruin your relationship

Marriage and relationships should be a holy connection between two people, free from outside interference.


Sadly, that is not the case. Numerous strangers and intrusions can enter your relationships.

Here are some intrusive trespassers;

1. The besties

Your best friend should be your partner. Promixity makes it simple for feelings of sexual and romantic desire to arise.

Your best friend should be your partner.

Even though you may have had other best friends before them, if you start dating someone, it may be time for those pals to make room for your partner.

Additionally, nothing dramatic is required. Making a mental note of who and what are most significant to you now that you are in a [serious] relationship is all that is required.

2. People who are just too nice

You don’t know what ulterior motives the “good” coworker or neighbor may be harboring, even if your partner is unconcerned about them, so you don’t want to feel obligated to them.

So be careful while around people like that.

3. Exes or former friends with benefits

Can you blame them? A lot of people enjoy telling their ex-spouses or other close friends that they are now in a relationship.

One of the best things you can do is set boundaries and let people know you are off limits and unavailable.

4. Instagram baddies and Snapchat slay queens

Slay queens are not to be underrated. The best course of action if you are attracted to someone online is to do something to reduce your temptation, such as muting or unfollowing the person.

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5. Friends.

Friends are a problematic group since not all of them are interested in your best interests. Try to refrain from discussing unneeded details about your relationship with them because you can never know what someone’s true intentions are. Numerous women have had their partners stolen by their pals.

Even boys flirt with their friends’ girlfriends.

In your relationships with any of these folks, you really don’t want to give them any more room than is necessary.

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