5 Reasons Why Some Men Have Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are not only caused by pregnancy and childbirth. We have some men who are interested in learning how to remove stretch marks. This skin condition is not limited to women.

This also appears on the skin of some men, particularly the lower arms, thighs, and stomachs. Stretch marks are commonly thought to be caused by pregnancy.

Men, unlike women, do not give birth, but they can develop stretch marks for a variety of reasons. Some men have them, but they are not visible unless you look closely. Their skin will have some red or white lines.Stretch

This is known medically as striae distensae, but laypeople refer to it as stretch marks. The following are some of the reasons why men get stretch marks:

1. If a young man is predisposed to being overweight as he grows older, he will develop stretch marks when he reaches puberty. He might notice them around his chest, near his armpits.

2. A man can get stretch marks if he has a father or grandfather who had stretch marks. This may also predispose him to it once he reaches a certain age.

3. If a man suddenly gains or loses weight, this can cause a reaction in his skin, resulting in the appearance of stretch marks. Dietary or lifestyle changes could be to blame for his weight fluctuation.

4. Applying a corticosteroid body cream to a man’s skin can cause it to lean and stretch marks to appear. Some men who use steroids or drugs to bulk up their muscles may notice that their skin shrinks over time. This can also result in stretch marks.

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5. There are also health issues, such as Cushing’s syndrome, that can cause hormonal imbalances and raise cortisol levels in the body. When this happens to a man, he may develop stretch marks.Stretch

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