9 Ways Of Preventing Too Much Vaginal Discharge

For the body to function properly, the female organ should discharge normally. This is how the female organ maintains the proper environment and performs self-cleaning. It is necessary to maintain both the pH balance and the hormone levels. But occasionally, the discharge turns abnormal, and women start bleeding heavily.

Normal vaginal discharge cannot be stopped, as stated by VeryWellHealth. However, excessive discharge that is caused by diseases can be avoided by;

rubbing from front to back.

2. Donning breathable underwear.

3. Avert wearing skinny jeans.

4. Whenever they get wet, changing into dry clothes.

5. Avoid using hot baths.

6. Use only water to clean the area around your vaginal opening.

7. Steer clear of chemicals found in scented feminine hygiene products, scented toilet paper, and detergents (such as pads and tampons).

8. Using a barrier during sexual activity, such as protection.

9. Refrain from using latex rubber or gamete-killing gels if they cause you irritation.

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