9 Ways To Inform Your Parents That You’re Pregnant


Pregnancy is an exciting time for many expecting mothers and fathers. And it’s natural to want to share your joy with the rest of the world, beginning with your family. However, telling your parents about your pregnancy can be nerve-racking. You might be worried about how you’ll tell your family and how they’ll react.Parents

There are numerous enjoyable ways to inform your parents of your pregnancy that will elicit a positive response. There’s the traditional bun-in-the-oven reveal, in which you give your parents a homemade bun with a “B” on it. You can also create a comedy sketch and record it to upload to YouTube. Speaking of sketches, why not provide a few hints during a fun game of Pictionary?

You can also arrange a special brunch at your favorite café and have the staff write your pregnancy announcement on their sidewalk chalkboard if you want to keep it private. From t-shirts to photo mugs and everything in between, we’ve compiled a list of fun and creative ways to tell your parents that your family is growing.Parents

1. The classic bun in the oven

Opening your oven to find a bun “cooking” is a traditional way of announcing your pregnancy. Instead of simply baking any old hamburger bun, go the extra mile and bake your favorite bun recipe while your parents are visiting.

When rolling out the dough, make two “B” marks for the buns (you know, like that famous nursery rhyme). Make sure the two “B” buns are facing the oven door at the front of the baking tray. When they’re done, have your parents remove them from the oven. Hum the nursery rhyme under your breath if they need a hint. Don’t forget to take pictures of the reveal!

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2. Music to their ears

If you are unable to tell your parents about your pregnancy in person, you may want to consider sending them a recording of your unborn child’s heartbeat. Make a phone call to a loved one and tell them, “Someone wants to meet you in nine months.”

Send an email with the subject line “I think you’ll love this” and attach a video of your first time hearing your baby’s heartbeat.

3 Publish it on YouTube or your WhatsApp status.

The trendiest way to tell your parents and the rest of the world that you’re expecting a baby is with a video posted to YouTube or a write up in your WhatsApp status.

Find hundreds of humorous and original pregnancy announcements on YouTube. You can make a short comedy film like “The Grocery List,” which is a parody of a well-known hit like “The Shocklee Family.” You can even surprise your parents with a recording of your pregnancy announcement to your partner. In either case, you’ll have a great time creating the video.

4. Back to the grocery list

In preparation for the family dinner you have planned, ask your parents if they would mind stopping by the store on their way to your place to pick up a few more necessities.

Only ice cream, pickles, and “baby” foods like baby peas, carrots, spinach, and more should be on the list. Verify it is correct before sending them on their way, or you might end up with an unforgettable announcement and unnecessary food items.

5. Do you enjoy a little surprise with that?

This one will require some thought, but the look on your parents’ faces will be worth it.

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Request that your favorite cafe writes a special message to your parents on their chalkboard menu or sidewalk easel. Write your announcement as if it were a daily special (for example, “On the Menu: You’re Gonna Be a Grandparent Omelet”) and watch as your parents read it with delight.

You can also print your own “brunch specials” menu and have it included with your parents’ menus.

6. It’s game night!

Plan a fun family game night and announce your pregnancy while playing Pictionary or Charades. When it’s your turn, draw a circle and expand it until you have a drawing of a pregnant woman. If you’re a Scrabble family, spell out “I’m expecting” in one turn or throughout the game.

7. Sip a cup of tea (or two).

Invite the soon-to-be grandparents over for a cup of coffee or tea. Instead of pouring them their favorite beverage, give them a mug with a message on the bottom (for example, “You’re going to be a grandma!”).

Handwrite the message on an unused mug that your parents can keep as a keepsake with a permanent marker. Alternatively, you could make a photo mug that announces your pregnancy and, when your parents ask for something to drink, pour it into their brand new special mug.

8. Write it on a T-shirt

If you don’t want to write it on a mug, write it on a T-shirt. Give each of your parents a shirt with a unique message or image announcing your pregnancy.

Wrap the shirt in wrapping paper and place it in a box that is placed in another box or two to extend the surprise. Your parents may become irritated, but the effort will be worthwhile in the end.

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9. Maintain simplicityParents

You don’t always have to go all out to make a memorable pregnancy announcement. Surprise your parents by arranging letter magnets on your fridge to announce your pregnancy and the date your baby is due.

Alternatively, the next time you visit them, leave a card announcing the news on their nightstand — they’re sure to find it when they go to bed.

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