In Order To Avoid These 5 Medical Problems; Don’t Sleep Close To Your Phone

As much as 65% of people sleep with their phones on the mattress, according to a recent survey. While some people may use their phones for meditation, relaxing apps, or music while they sleep, others may experience negative health effects from sleeping with their phones nearby.

We’ve compiled five problems that can arise from sleeping with your phone next to your bed.

1: Sleep disruption.

We anticipate that it will make some sort of noise, like a ringtone, beep, or vibration, given that it is a technological device.

Few people can avoid the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) syndrome that keeps them checking their phones after they’ve decided to turn in for the night. For this reason, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the stage just before deep sleep, accounts for the bulk of a napper’s time.

2. Consume mental energy

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation for extended periods has been shown in studies to cause albumin leakage in the brain by disrupting the blood-brain barrier. Radiation from a cell phone’s wireless connection speeds up everything from heart rate to blood sugar metabolism in the brain.

3. Cancer.

It is premature to have this conversation until engineers have decided on safe levels of phone radiation (based on the Specific Absorption Rate).

Despite the lack of conclusive scientific evidence that mobile phones cause cancer, the WHO issued a discretionary warning to keep cell phones away from children. Several academics have refuted this, however.

4. Obstacles to reproduction

Genetic defects may develop in the fetus of a pregnant woman who is exposed to electromagnetic radiation. The quantity and quality of a man’s sperm may suffer as a result.

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5. Possibility of a fire in the middle of the night

Due to their intense attachment to their phones, many people have taken to stowing them under their pillows while they snooze. As a direct result of this practice, pillows have been burned on multiple occasions.

The most well-known case occurred in July 2014, when a teen in Texas awoke to a burning odor. Her Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire under her pillow, damaging both the sheet and the mattress.


When you go to bed, put your phone in a different room. If you absolutely must use your phone as an alarm clock in bed, put it at least three feet away.

Your sleep won’t be significantly altered if you move your phone a few feet away from your bed. Still, it will facilitate falling asleep, staying asleep, and enjoying restful slumber. Getting a good night’s sleep is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced society.

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