Opinion: Will Igbo Language Go Into Extinction As Said By UNESCO Prediction?

Igbo was the second most widely spoken language in Nigeria in 1955. What took place?

Igbo may become extinct over the next 50 years, according to predictions.

The United Nations predicted that certain minor languages around the world might disappear during the next 50 years, toward the end of 2006. The Igbo language, which is spoken by roughly 20 million people in southeast Nigeria, was included in this list. The study looks at how this UNESCO prediction influences the language and the people and explores whether or not it is believed to be true given the status of the language and the attitudes of the people toward their native tongue.

Whom are we to blame now—the parents or the kids? 

In my opinion, it has become apparent that certain youngsters in our current generation are unable to speak their native tongue; they can only hear, while others are unable to talk at all.

The majority of these people do not learn their original tongue as they grow up for a variety of reasons, including the fact that their parents only speak English to them or that they were not raised in their own country.

What should the government of Nigeria do? 

I believe the Nigerian government has to reinstate language instruction in schools so that many languages, including Igbo, which was already prophesied to go extinct, won’t.

Do you agree with the UNESCO’s prognosis that some languages in Nigeria may become extinct in the next few years?

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