Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Always Use Female Condoms

A condom, or protective, is a device used during s£xual activity to reduce the risk of contracting s£xually transmitted diseases and to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

The female equivalent of the male protective is the garb worn by the lady during s£xFemale condom

But there are certain drawbacks, or the side effect of constantly wearing female protection during intimacy, which is related to the reasons why women shouldn’t always use it.

1. The female protection may induce a burning feeling or an itchy rash, both of which are good reasons to steer clear of utilizing it.

2. The female protective has a higher failure rate than the male protective, and it can fail to protect if it breaks or slips off from the original position, during lovemaking, which is why women shouldn’t always wear it.

In sum, the foregoing are drawbacks of employing female protection, which is connected to explanations for why women shouldn’t always rely on it.

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