Signs Your Partner Might Have Another Partner

Nowadays, cheating is a pretty frequent occurrence in relationships. The worst aspect of the situation is that your partner will continue to deny cheating even after you approach them about it. So, it is always wise to have solid evidence before making any claims.

There are telltale symptoms of a cheating partner, but it’s also advisable to realize that signs aren’t always reliable and can occasionally be misleading. Nothing is exactly as it seems. What works for one person could not for another.

In light of the foregoing, let’s quickly review several indicators your partner is cheating.

They Do Not Accept Phone Calls From You

There is no justification for a spouse not picking up the phone while they are present; the instant this starts to happen, there is probably a problem. It’s still possible that they are engaging in dubious activity even if it isn’t about an affair. When the behavior appears out of nowhere, this should be even more problematic.

They Quit Shareing Their Phones

It’s not a good indicator when your partner suddenly puts passwords and locks to their smartphones, computers, and tablets, unless this was the style from the beginning. It’s possible that they have anything in there that they don’t want you to see when this occurs. Perhaps chats or images?

They dislike it when you arrive unexpectedly

Although it makes sense to phone your partner ahead of time and let them know you’ll be dropping by to respect their privacy, there may be times when you choose to surprise them or can’t get in touch with them. Then, you should undoubtedly be concerned about another woman having access to your man’s home if they make a big deal out of the entire issue.

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They fabricate their whereabouts

When you ask your partner where they’ve gone, if they keep lying, you should be concerned. A person who doesn’t harbor any secrets has nothing to hide.

You Seek Out An Sti

If you only sleep with your spouse and find out you have a séxually transmitted virus, there is only one person it could have come from, and if that is the case, they most likely acquired it after sharing a bed with an infected person.

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