Weak Immune System: Limit Your Intake Of These 5 Foods To Stay Healthy

The immune system supports the body’s defense against infectious illnesses like the flu and the common cold. Nutrition is essential for keeping an immune system in excellent shape.

Regular consumption of some unhealthy foods may prevent the immune system from functioning properly.

Here are 5 foods that can lower immunity that you should avoid eating in order to stay healthy, according Healthline and Medicalnewstoday:

1. Salty foods.

Salty foods like chips, frozen dinners, and fast food may impair your body’s immune response since a high salt diet may trigger tissue inflammation and increase your risk of autoimmune diseases.

When on the high salt diet that contained 12 grams per day, the guys displayed higher amounts of white blood cells known as monocytes as well as the inflammatory markers IL-23 and IL-6. They also displayed lower levels of IL-10, an anti-inflammatory protein that indicates an overactive immune system.

2. Meals high in omega-6 fatty acids

Omega-6 fats are frequently more prevalent in Western diets than omega-3 fats. This imbalance is associated with a higher risk of disease and possibly immunological malfunction.

In contrast to diets richer in omega-6 fats, which seem to boost the expression of pro-inflammatory proteins that may harm the immune response, diets higher in omega-3 fats tend to suppress the production of those proteins and improve immune function.

3. Fried foods.

Fried foods contain large amounts of an advanced glycation end product chemical class (AGEs). When sugars mix with proteins or lipids during high temperature cooking, such as frying, AEGs are produced.

In your body, AGEs can harm cells and cause inflammation if the levels are too high.

4. Fast foods

There are several negative consequences on health caused by fast food. If you ingest it too much, your immune system may suffer.

Diets heavy in fast food and other processed foods may increase gut permeability, encourage inflammation, and change the balance of bacteria in the gut, all of which are detrimental to immune function.

5. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners may reduce immune response due to changes in gut flora. Additionally, some research suggests a potential connection between excessive consumption and the emergence of autoimmune diseases.

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