10 Reasons Why Your Man Takes You For Granted

relating to relationships. Due to their previous relationship experiences, most women find it difficult to start a new relationship. And how, in the name of love, their partner takes them for granted. However, there are several factors that women overlook that cause some men to take their relationships with them for granted.

Following Are Seven Signs That Your Man Is Taking You For Granted:

1. You try to force yourself on him out of fear of losing him or of breaking up with him.

2. You convey to him your need for him as a man because you are a woman. Never, under any circumstances, let your love-related frailty show. Don’t ever let your spouse feel like you can’t be there for him.

3. You always believe what he says, even when it doesn’t work in your favor. You simply want the connection to endure, therefore you don’t give a damn.

4. Put your entire being into your relationship. Only your husband should have your complete devotion; not your boyfriend.

5. Even when you are aware that you are right, you constantly ask for forgiveness. If he makes a breakup threat and you haven’t treated him badly, let him go. Do not grovel for love because if you do, you will perpetually grovel for him to stay in the relationship.

6. You put too much trust in the relationship and give it your all.

7. You can’t handle everything by yourself. Try to obtain anything as a lady that will benefit your finances. In the name of a relationship, you don’t have to wait for a man to take on all your duties.

8. You demonstrate to him that you love him more than he loves you. A relationship or true love must be balanced. The same amount that you love your lover, he should likewise love you.

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