3 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Bathing A Newborn Baby

Babies are delicate and beautiful, thus they should be handled with care. Some things should never be done when bathing a newborn baby, so if you’ve never done it before, it’s preferable to have someone else assist you. Babies are still in the developmental stage, thus they deserve the best care possible. There are four common mistakes you should avoid when bathing a newborn baby in this essay.

1. Avoid using common soap.

Although the baby’s skin is still fairly sensitive, many parents continue to bathe their infant with regular soap. Baby soap contains less harsh chemicals and is therefore kinder on your child’s skin. Bathing your baby with regular soap might cause rashes and other skin problems; therefore, you should avoid it. Please use baby soaps, which are widely available at stores and supermarkets.

2. Do not use force to wash their scalp or hair.

When washing a baby, it is not necessary to use force; instead, care should be given to handling them tenderly. Because their skin is still frail and tender, any use of force can harm them. If this is your first child, you must hire a nanny if you do not know how to bathe newborns; with time, you will learn.

3. Take care not to get soapy water in their eyes or nose.

When bathing babies, most people make this error. As I previously stated, babies are still fragile, thus it is critical to handle them with care. Although baby soaps are made with benign chemicals, it is still important to avoid allowing soapy water to enter their nose and eyes as this may irritate their side.

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4. Do not bathe them in hot or cold water.

The temperature of the water in which you bathe your newborn should be warm. It is critical to avoid using cold or hot water because it may be harmful to your child’s skin. The water temperature should be between 37 and 38 degrees Celsius.

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