3 Ways kidney Disease Can Affect Your Skin

Renal disease does not have any early skin symptoms. However, when kidney disease worsens, the following outcomes are possible.Kidney

1. extremely dry skin

When the skin becomes too dry, it may peel off in a scaly pattern. People with end-stage kidney disease who require dialysis and kidney transplant recipients may have extremely dry skin.

2. Skin irritation

Excessive skin itching is a common sign of advanced renal disease. Itching might be mildly unpleasant or severe enough to interfere with the patient’s everyday activities. Some people just itch in one area of their skin, but it might extend to other areas of the body.

3. Variations in skin color

When the kidneys quit performing properly,Toxins build up in the body. This buildup might cause skin color changes.

4. Nail modifications

Kidney disease can cause problems with the nails of the hands and feet. People with severe kidney illness may develop one or more white nails on top and normal to reddish brown nails on the bottom.

5. Inflammation

The kidneys are responsible for removing excess water and salt from the body. When this is not possible, fluid and salt accumulate in the body. Swelling occurs as a result of this buildup on the feet, hands, and face.

6. Rash

When the kidneys are unable to clear waste items from the body, a rash may develop. This rash appears in persons with end-stage kidney illness and is characterized by little dome-shaped pimples and extremely itchy skin.Kidney

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