4 Common Drugs To Avoid During Pregnancy

A large number of pregnant women around the world regularly take various medications without considering the potential risks to themselves or their unborn child. While pregnant, certain pills and medications should be avoided for various reasons, which I will explain below.Drug

1. Sulfonamide antibiotics, in particular, should be avoided during pregnancy because they are associated with an increased risk of miscarriage and can have devastating effects on the health of your unborn child. All medications except those prescribed by a doctor should be avoided during pregnancy.

2. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid taking any medications that contain trimethoprim, as this antibiotic may cause abnormal brain development in the fetus. You should avoid using drugs.

3. You should avoid blood-thinning medications like warfarin at all costs, as they can cause severe birth defects if taken during pregnancy. That is to say, before using this drug, you should talk to a doctor.

4. Fourth, chloramphenicol is another drug to avoid during pregnancy due to the increased risk of grey syndrome in newborns.

Before starting any of the above-mentioned drugs or medicines, you should consult your primary care physician for advice.

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