4 Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Tea

To prepare lemon grass tea, first, blanch a few leaves in boiling water, then transfer them to a pot with just enough water to cover them and bring them to a boil. After a few minutes, strain the tea into a cup, and enjoy! When the liquid is heated, a lemony aroma is released.

Lemongrass tea is enjoyed for many reasons, including its enticing scent and the belief that its nutrient content can help consumers ward off illness, neutralize free radicals, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

1. The diuretic properties of lemongrass tea combined with its other key ingredients make it easier to flush out excess sodium, a metal, and an element that contributes to high blood pressure by making you urinate more frequently.

2. Taking aspirin or another medication that irritates the intestinal lining? Lemongrass tea can help speed healing and stop further damage from occurring. The dietary fiber in lemongrass tea also helps digestion by breaking down food more quickly and making it simpler to eat.

3. Lemongrass leaves are full of antioxidants and other substances that, when diffused in boiling water and consumed, kill germs, boost the immune system, and slow the rapid proliferation of cancerous cells.

4. The compounds in the tea have an anti-cholesterol effect by reducing the bad kind of cholesterol that is associated with high cholesterol. It helps people trim down because it inhibits the formation of new fat cells in the body.

If you want to reap the health benefits of lemon grass tea, it’s important to drink it in moderation. One cup of tea per day is plenty, and you should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your daily tea intake.

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