4 Signs You Will Give Birth To Twins

Some pregnant women frequently wonder if they will have twins because the symptoms they experience are so intense. Could the fact that I’m so exhausted be a sign that I’m carrying twins? Although pregnancy causes many physical changes, strong symptoms are no guarantee of twins; only an ultrasound can confirm this.

Nonetheless, some symptoms of twin gestation have been noted in the first few weeks of pregnancy. You can’t be sure, because these symptoms might also be seen in women carrying unintended pregnancies.

Thus, it is suggested that you consult a medical professional before drawing any conclusions. In this piece, I hope to shed light on some of the indicators that you might be carrying twins.

1. Morning sickness

Around the fourth week of pregnancy, morning sickness typically begins for most women.

The severity of morning sickness varies from person to person, but it has been observed that women expecting twins experience more severe morning sickness than women expecting only one child. Consult your OB/GYN if you constantly feel sick, throw up throughout the day, or are losing weight.

2. Fatigue

It’s not uncommon for fatigue to set in before a woman even misses her period, usually around the fourth week of pregnancy. If you’re expecting twins, your sleep may be disrupted by nighttime bathroom trips or night sweats caused by your body’s increased production of hormones.

3. Early movement

Around the 18-week mark, expectant mothers may detect fetal movement. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll feel your baby move before the second trimester, though women expecting twins will likely start experiencing movement earlier than those expecting a single baby.

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4. Weight gain

Pregnant women generally gain weight quickly in the second trimester, but women expecting twins are more likely to put on more weight than women expecting one baby.

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