Lionel Messi’s Best Meals That’s Keeping Him Fit

Messi has worked with an Italian nutritionist named Guiliano Poser to help keep his diet on track. Messi consumes a lot of olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, water, seeds, almonds, and whole grains, according to AskMen India. Raw foods account for a significant component of his diet, which appears to provide the celebrity with a significant energy boost.

He stayed away from sugar, fried meals, and processed carbohydrates.Messi's best meals

“Sugar is the worst thing you can do to your muscles. The farther he keeps away from sugars, the better,” Poser earlier told Mundo Derpotivo (via The Independent), adding, “Refined flours are also a huge problem as these days, it’s rare to locate uncontaminated wheat.”

This NFL player abstains from artificial sweeteners, processed carbohydrates, fried foods, and alcohol. Messi has also reduced his meat consumption, according to Fitness Volt. He consumes up to three protein smoothies every day to ensure he gets his daily protein requirements.

Roast chicken with root vegetables is his favorite food.Messi's best meals

Messi’s favorite recipe, according to the FC Barcelona website, is roasted chicken with root vegetables.

This recipe is loaded with nutrition, thanks to the lean meat’s protein, the potatoes’ energy and complex carbs, and the vegetables’ vitamins. Lean protein, such as chicken, is an excellent source of amino acids, which aid in muscle tissue sculpting.

During training, he is all about speed and agility.

According to Pinata (via Goal), Messi’s sweat sessions primarily focus on speed and agility, which should come as no surprise given how fast he sprints and shows off his spectacular skills on the soccer field.

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Messi engages in fundamental movement exercises such as lunges, split squats, hurdle jumps, and hamstring stretches. Messi will practice activities like skipping ropes, pillar skips, and squats to engage the muscles in his lower body.

He works on his core.

You’ve probably seen Lionel Messi’s washboard abs if you follow him on Instagram.

Messi works out his legs and does cardio on the treadmill, but he also takes care of his core so he can dominate the field. The footballer focuses on weighted activities such as sit-ups and Russian twists.

These go-to moves, according to AskMen India, were also essential actors in his home training program during the pandemic.

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