The Best Calcium Rich Foods For Strong Bones And Muscles

Foods high in calcium should be included in everyone’s diet. All too often, little accidents like falls down two or three flights of stairs end in serious injuries for the victim today.

This form of incidence does not require the breaking of bones or internal tissues, especially if the body is well fed with calcium. Calcium is actually one of the very few nutrient that is necessary by all living things, including human beings, plants and animals.

It is one of the body’s most critical mineral which helps to create and maintain healthy bones, as well as teeth and muscles. Read further in this article to find out why calcium is vital and the many calcium rich foods to eat.

Why does your body require calcium?

Muscle contraction and nerve impulse conduction are both reliant on calcium. Did you know that calcium helps release hormones that regulate a wide range of bodily functions? It also helps with blood flow, of course. This excellent nutrient is even essential for the healthy functioning of your heart, muscles, and nerves.

Numerous studies suggest that calcium and vitamin D together may protect against cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, among other potential advantages to health.

Calcium deficiency.

The calcium levels in the blood are dangerously low. It occurs when normal calcium level in the body is down. Muscle cramping, disorientation, and tingling in the lips and fingers are common symptoms in severe cases.

Calcium deficiency symptoms.

Symptoms of hyponatremia or calcium shortage range from mild to life-threatening and include:

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1. a sad disposition.

2. bone dissection is a breeze.

3. Disorientation or forgetfulness

4. flimsy, easily broken nails.

5. hallucinations.

6. Spasms in the muscles.

7. Numbness or tingling in the extremities and/or face.

If you suffer from a calcium deficit, your doctor will likely recommend that you increase your consumption of calcium-rich foods and vitamin D supplements.

Calcium-rich foods.

Researchers have shown that those who don’t receive enough calcium in their diet tend to have weaker, more brittle bones. So, make sure you get plenty of it from a balanced diet.

These foods are good sources of calcium:

1. Orange fruit.

citrus fruit As a member of the citrus family, orange is a well-liked and widely consumed fruit. Calcium is another important nutrient found in oranges, despite the fruit’s more famous vitamin C content. There are 74 milligrams of calcium in a medium orange, according to nutritionists.

2. Carrots.

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which can be used to ward off a host of health problems. As a bonus, it’s a good source of calcium. There is evidence that suggests that regular consumption of carrots can help children grow up with healthier bones and teeth.

3. Green beans.

Also high in calcium content are green beans. As if their role in promoting weight loss and bone health weren’t enough, green beans are also good for your heart and eyes. Calcium-rich meals that don’t involve milk or other animal products.

4. Dairy Milk.

When talking about foods high in calcium, milk is an absolute must. Milk from cows is collected and then processed extensively in factories to become dairy. When compared to other foods, milk has the highest calcium content per calorie. Start your day off with a glass of warm milk to increase your intake of this vital nutrient.

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5. Sardines

For a tasty fatty fish that also happens to be a good source of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, sardines are hard to beat. Bones and all, sardines are incredibly tender and delicious. Calcium in sardines comes directly from the fish’s skeleton. Unbelievable, right?

Other calcium-rich foods includes:


The bottom line.

Calcium rich foods is required for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones, muscles and teeth in both adults and children. It may also assist manage blood pressure, among other things.

Dairy products, leafy greens, fruits, nuts, fatty fish, and other foods are excellent dietary sources of calcium. However, in extreme cases of calcium insufficiency, a doctor may advise taking calcium supplements.

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