What Will happen To You If You Continue Drinking Hot Water Daily For A month

Water, whether hot or cold, is good for you because it keeps your body hydrated.

Some say that, in comparison to cold water, drinking hot water can aid digestion, clear congestion, and induce calm.

There is little scientific research on the purported health benefits of drinking hot water, thus most of the evidence comes from anecdotal stories. However, many people get relief from this treatment, particularly when taken first thing in the morning or just before bedtime.

The ideal temperature range for consuming hot beverages is between 130 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit (54 and 71 degrees Celsius). Burns and scalds can occur at higher temperatures.

Vitamin C and other health benefits can be obtained by adding a slice of lemon to hot water.

This article explores five potential health benefits associated with drinking hot water.


1. May relieve nasal congestion


We can see the steam rise from the cup of hot water. Sinus congestion and pain can be alleviated by holding a cup of hot water and inhaling the vapor deeply.

Mucous membranes line your sinuses and throat, so warming up with hot water may help relieve a painful throat from excess mucus.

An older study from 2008 found that drinking a hot beverage, like tea, helped alleviate cold symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, sore throat, and fatigue. The effectiveness of the beverage increased when heated, compared to when served at room temperature.


2. May aid digestion

The digestive system stays active while the person drinks water. Waste products are flushed out of the body as water travels through the digestive system and intestines.

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The digestive system, it is said, can be sent into high gear with the help of a mug of hot water.

It’s said that if you drink hot water after eating, any food your body has difficulties digesting will disintegrate and leave your system.

Though further research is required to confirm the benefit, a 2016 study suggested that ingesting warm water after surgery may improve bowel motions and gas ejection.

While we wait for a more permanent solution, there’s no harm in trying a treatment like sipping hot water to help with digestion.


3. May improve central nervous system function

The neurological system, which controls your mood and cognitive processes, might be negatively impacted by a lack of water of any temperature.

New studies from 2019 confirm that hydration boosts CNS function and disposition.

This study found that participants’ self-reported anxiety decreased and their brain activity increased during challenging activities after drinking water.


4. May help relieve constipation

Constipation often results from not drinking enough water. For many people, simply drinking more water will help alleviate constipation and perhaps prevent it from occurring. Stools are simpler to pass when properly hydrated.

In order to maintain regular bowel motions, drinking hot water may be helpful.


5. Keeps you hydrated

Drinking water at any temperature will help you stay hydrated, however there is some data suggesting that cooler water is ideal for rehydration.

Men should drink 112 ounces (3.3 liters) of water daily, while women should drink 78 ounces (2.3 liters) each day, according to the Institute of Medicine. These estimates incorporate the water contained in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and melted foods.

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If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, doing vigorous exercise, or working in a hot workplace, your water needs will increase significantly.

Try having a cup of hot water first thing in the morning and then again before bed. It’s impossible to emphasize the importance of water, as it’s required for practically every bodily process.

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