10 Foods That Are Very High in Potassium

Potassium is largely ignored. Most individuals don’t give this undervalued mineral much thought (if they think about it at all).

However, it’s a crucial nutrient that we don’t receive nearly enough of. Discover why you require potassium in your life—as well as where to find it—by reading on. To help you incorporate more potassium into your diet, registered dietitian Anna Taylor, MS, RDN, LD, provides a few of the best sources of the mineral.

potassium intake each day (and why it matters)

A mineral called potassium is essential for the health of your heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerves. Low potassium levels can cause your blood pressure to rise, increase your chance of developing kidney stones, and even rob your bones of calcium. According to Taylor, diets low in sodium and high in potassium-rich foods may lower the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.Potassium

Despite its significance, many people do not get enough potassium in their diets. InIts specifically mentioned as a “nutrient of public health concern” in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. What potassium intake is recommended? According to Taylor, the recommended daily intake for women is 2,600 milligrams and for men is 3,400 milligrams.

Fun fact: In 2019, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine revised the recommendation from the previous 4,700 milligrams per day. So getting your recommended daily intake of potassium is now even simpler.

rich in potassium meals

Prepared to increase your intake? Taylor advises including these potassium-rich superfoods in your diet.

1. The potato

Spuds are an excellent choice; simply leave the nutrient-rich skins on. A medium roasted potato with skin has almost 900 mg of potassium. A skinned sweet potato? Approximately 500 milligrams.

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2. Leguminosae

Potassium is abundant in beans. Each half-cup portion of white beans and adzuki beans has around 600 milligrams. Pinto, navy, lima, and Great Northern beans all have more than 350 mg per half-cup serving. Soybeans (also known as edamame, which is excellent) and lentils are likewise high in potassium.

3. Juices

Because whole fruits are high in fiber, they are frequently preferred over liquids. But don’t dismiss juice entirely. Both prune juice and carrot juice are high in potassium, with a cup of carrot juice containing 689 milligrams and a cup of prune juice containing more than 700 milligrams.

Orange juice and pomegranate juice are other acceptable choices, at 500 milligrams per cup. Taylor advises controlling your portions due to the sugar content.

4. Seafood

A 3-ounce filet of salmon, mackerel, halibut, tuna, or snapper has more than 400 mg of potassium. Do you prefer chowder? Just 3 ounces of canned clams contain up to 500 milligrams.

5. Green leafy vegetables

Popeye had a good idea. Potassium levels in a half-cup portion of cooked spinach can reach 400 milligrams. Swiss chard has more than 450 milligrams, and beet greens have more than 600 milligrams.

6. Dairy

You’re probably aware that dairy is an excellent source of calcium. It also happens to be a good source of potassium. One cup of low-fat or skim milk has around 350 to 380 milligrams of potassium. And plain yogurt has more than 500 milligrams per cup (not to mention protein and healthy probiotics).

7. TomatoesPotassium

A cup of chopped tomatoes contains over 400 milligrams of potassium, whereas a cup of tomato juice or puree contains over 500 milligrams. Concentrated tomato paste contains more than 650 mg of the mineral per quarter-cup (marinara sauce, anyone?).

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8. Bananas

These golden fruits are possibly the most well-known potassium source. One medium banana has around 422 milligrams. Plantains, bananas relative, are also high in potassium.

9. Other Fruits

Bananas aren’t the only potassium-rich fruits. Dates, nectarines, and oranges all have more than 250 mg per half-cup serving. Dried peaches, apricots, prunes, and raisins are also good sources.

10. AvocadosPotassium

A half-cup serving of creamy avocado includes approximately 364 milligrams of potassium if you needed another incentive to grab the guacamole.

There are so many delicious ways to get your potassium fix, from fruit salad to avocado toast, a gourmet fish supper to a bowl of tomatoey spaghetti. Your health, as well as your taste senses, will thank you.

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