4 Household Chores You Should Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Everyone looks out for you, takes care of you, and spoils you during your pregnancy. In general, you are treated as if you are sick the majority of the time. So, when you’re pregnant, there are several chores you should avoid performing until you give birth, because some of them may be harmful to both you and the baby.Pregnant

Chores to avoid when pregnant, according to WebMD

1. Arduous labor

You can tell you’re pregnant if you’re pulling up sofas to clean them, lifting mop buckets, lifting washcloths, or lugging shopping bags.

2. Jobs that necessitate the use of a ladder

You should also avoid using the ladder because a fall could have permanent consequences for the pregnant lady and the fetus.

3. Mopping and sweeping

You don’t forget these jobs, but you don’t have to sweep and mop yourself every day. This is because they can increase back pain caused by weight gain, and also because leaning forward puts additional strain on your spine.

4. Jobs involving pet dirt

If you have a dog and wish to clean the dog’s dirt, you must exercise extreme caution because you will be exposed to parasites and bacteria. However, if you must do so, use gloves and thoroughly wash your handsPregnant

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