5+ Best-Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace To Increase Sales

5+ Best-Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace: With the growing popularity of Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) drop shipping, listing winning products on the platform is more essential than ever. And an excellent way of finding winning products is through product research. After all, if we do not know what’s in demand, we won’t find success with random products.

Therefore, we have curated a list of best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, we will also look at some additional tips to scale our FBMP dropshipping business. Without further ado, let’s start!

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5+ Best-Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace

When we’re dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace, we don’t face much competition. However, we still need to find and sell trending dropshipping products to ensure the sales roll in. With that in mind, here are 25+ best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Furniture 
  2. Home Decor
  3. Print-On-Demand Products
  4. Seasonal Products
  5. Car Accessories
  6. Electronics

Let’s see what products are trending in each of these categories.

1. Furniture

Undoubtedly, Furniture is an essential component of any home. Therefore, it is an outstanding category to dropship on Facebook Marketplace. In general, different pieces of furniture suit different areas of our homes. As such, here are some in-demand products to sell from the furniture category:

  • TV Wall Mount
  • Table Top Bookcase 
  • Over The Door Storage Organizer 
  • Bedside Table 
  • Office Chair
  • Folding Step Stool
  • Rocking Chair 
  • Oversized Bean Bag
  • Outdoor Patio Sofa Set
  • TV Cabinet

In general, the furniture category includes a wide range of products. And, if we offer a great variety of products, there is a higher chance of sales.

2. Home Decor

As more and more people have started to invest in quality Home Decor products, their demand has steadily risen. After all, a home is a lifetime investment, so how it looks makes a huge difference.

In essence, home decor products are aesthetic items that increase the visual appeal of houses. With that in mind, let’s see what products are in high demand by Facebook Marketplace buyers:

  • Black Circle Mirror
  • Ceramic Circular Vase
  • Woven Basket
  • Rubik’s Cube Candle
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Fuzzy Rug
  • Abstract Throw Pillows 
  • Peel & Stick Wallpaper 
  • Artificial Hanging Plants
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3. Print-On-Demand Products

If we want to customize and sell unique items, print-on-demand (POD products) are the best option. To elaborate, print-on-demand enables us to customize and sell products with unique prints and designs. 

Since these products are uniquely designed for us, they are not readily available in the market. As such, this increases our store’s perceived value. The following print-on-demand products can help us build our brand on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Mugs
  • Magnets
  • Buttons 
  • Posters 
  • Tote Bag
  • Coasters
  • Phone Case
  • Notebooks
  • Keychain
  • Socks

As the craze for print-on-demand products is increasing daily, this unique niche offers us many opportunities. With a bit of creativity, we can rapidly scale our POD dropshipping business on FBMP.

4. Seasonal Products

While there are many profitable dropshipping niches for Facebook Marketplace, we must not forget about Seasonal Products. To clarify, seasonal products are items that we can dropship during particular seasons, events, or holidays.

Some examples of these products are Halloween and Christmas products. Furthermore, here are some seasonal products for various occasions:

  • Artificial Christmas Wreath 
  • Snow Globe Lantern
  • Inflatable Santa Claus 
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  • Trick-Or-Treat Tote Bags
  • Animated Halloween Candy Bowl
  • Foam Graveyard Tombstones 
  • Turkey Knives
  • Ice Fishing Equipment
  • Ski Helmet

5. Car Accessories

Next, we have Car Accessories. Essentially, products from this niche make owning and driving a car an all-around better experience. For instance, there are various tools for cleaning, repairing, decorating, and more. Let’s look at some of the best-selling car accessories on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Car Floor Mats
  • Blind Spot Mirror
  • Tinted License Plate Cover
  • Trunk Organizer
  • Car Snow Scraper & Brush
  • Windshield Sun Shield 
  • Car Window Shade Shield
  • Steering Wheel Cover
  • Gear Shift Lever 
  • Rear Door Protective Pad Cover
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As the above car accessories products have a high-profit potential, we can achieve massive success dropshipping them on FBMP.

6. Electronics

Last but not least, we have Electronics products performing exceptionally well on FBMP. With technological advancements, electronic items are deeply rooted in people’s daily lives.

Additionally, electronic products make our lives easier and more comfortable. So, here are some best selling electronic products to dropship on our FBMP stores:

  • Bluetooth Smartwatch 
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 
  • LED Ring Light With Stand
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set
  • Car Door Light Projector
  • Gaming Headset With Microphone
  • Outdoor Security Camera 
  • Ring Camera Doorbell
  • Front & Rear Dash Camera
  • USB Cable Management Organizer

All in all, the above-listed products are some of the best-sellers we can dropship instantly. With these products, we can make hefty profits and scale our FBMP store.

What Products To Avoid Selling On Facebook Marketplace 

Great, we have our list of best-sellers for Facebook Marketplace. Also, with continuous product research, we will consistently find products with high-profit potential. However, we must also know what products to avoid selling on Facebook Marketplace. To elaborate, Facebook’s eCommerce policies determine regulations related to restricted products.

As such, we should be aware of these regulations to avoid violating eCommerce laws on FBMP. With that in mind, here are some products that we should avoid dropshipping on Facebook:

  • Adult products 
  • Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives
  • Products violating copyright and trademark laws
  • Alcohol or Tobacco products
  • Medical and Healthcare products
  • Hazardous materials

Not only should we refrain from selling them on Facebook, but we should also avoid dropshipping them on other selling channels. Otherwise, we risk our accounts getting suspended or even banned.

However, we don’t have to worry if we are working with AutoDS. Since this dropshipping tool warns us whenever we list prohibited products, we can remain informed and actively avoid them.

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Top Tips To Scale Your Online Business On Facebook Marketplace

5+ Best-Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace: Undeniably, the list of best-selling items will increase our sales on Facebook Marketplace. But, we can maximize our profits even more by using various drop shipping strategies. With that in mind, here are some valuable tips for scaling our online business on Facebook:

  • Use High-Quality Product Images/Videos
  • Optimize Product Descriptions
  • Set Competitive Prices
  • Remain Responsive
  • Market Your Products
  • Automate Your FBMP Store

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Selling Item On Facebook Marketplace? 

Some of the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) are home decor, print-on-demand, and seasonal products. Similarly, baby supplies, pet supplies, and electronic items sell well on FBMP. Moreover, we can find more products like these with the AutoDS product research tool.

Am I Allowed To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace? 

Of course! We are allowed to dropship on Facebook Marketplace. However, we must avoid products restricted by Facebook’s eCommerce policies. Some prohibited products are weapons, medical, and copyrighted products.

How Can I Find Best Selling Items For Facebook Marketplace? 

Generally, strategies like supplier’s best seller sections, Google Trends, and Facebook Ads are excellent product research methods. However, the AutoDS product research platform is the best option for Facebook Marketplace due to its efficiency and automatic research features.


And there we have it! Now, we know 5+ best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. With these products, we can be assured that our FBMP store will receive plenty of orders.

Plus, with drop shipping automation, we don’t have to worry continuously about our business operations. Thus, we can instantly sell these winning products and make huge profits while doing minimal work manually.

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