Can I get my Money back if I get Scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

If you have been scammed on Facebook Marketplace, there are steps you can take to address the situation and potentially seek a resolution. This article will educate you on the possibility of getting your money back if you get scammed on Facebook Marketplace. While there is no guarantee of getting your money back, here is what you can do:

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Contact the Seller

Reach out to the seller and explain the issue. Sometimes, misunderstandings or mistakes can occur. In this case, the seller is not out to deliberately defraud you of your means. Politely ask for a refund or a resolution to the problem.

Use Facebook Messenger

Keep communication within the Facebook Messenger platform. This provides a record of your conversations, which could be helpful if you need to escalate the issue.

Check for Buyer Protection

If you made the payment through a platform like PayPal, check if you are eligible for their buyer protection. PayPal offers a resolution center where you can open a dispute if the item you received doesn’t match the description or if you haven’t received it at all.

File a Report

File a report. Do this the moment you discovered that you have been scammed. Visit the seller’s profile, click on the three dots (…) on the top right corner, and select “Find support or report profile.” Facebook will investigate the matter.

Contact Your Payment Provider

If you used a credit card to make the payment, contact your credit card company and explain the situation. They might be able to help you initiate a charge back.

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Contact Law Enforcement

If the scam involves illegal activities or significant financial loss, consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement authorities.

Educate Others

Sharing your experience with others can help prevent them from falling into similar scams. Warn your friends and family about the scammer’s profile and tactics.

Learn and Move On

Unfortunately, not all scams can be resolved. Take this experience as a lesson to be more cautious in future online transactions. Additionally, follow safety guidelines when buying or selling on online platforms.


Can I get my money back if I get scammed on Facebook Marketplace? It is important to note that the chances of recovering your money depend basically on various factors, including the payment method used, the scammer’s location, and the platform’s policies. However, you prevent scams in the first place by following safety tips and thoroughly researching both the product and the seller.After that, you proceed with your transactions.

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