Gummy Bear Implants: The Complete Guide

What exactly are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy Bear Implants are a type of breast implant that was developed by Dr. Grant Stevens, a well-known plastic surgeon in California. He claims that when cut in half, these implants retain their shape, similar to gummy bears, and are the adult equivalent of being like kids in a candy store! The silicone implants are made of a cohesive gel that is shape stable and forms stable. They have a very real, natural appearance when implanted into the body, and for many people, they are the ideal solution to breast augmentation desires.

Advantages of Gummy Bear Implants

Breast augmentation procedures, a type of cosmetic surgery, are becoming more popular. It is largely due to advancing technology that very life-like breasts can now be surgically inserted into the body, and many people are taking full advantage. That is one of the major advantages of using gummy bear implants: many people cannot tell they are fake from the outside. They feel natural when touched, natural to the user, and natural to an outside observer. This is due in part to their high-strength silicone gel material, which holds its shape perfectly when inserted.

Another benefit of considering gummy bear implants is that they are safer than other types of implants and have a much lower rupture rate. Previously used implants were not made of silicone that is as natural in feel and appearance, or as comfortable for the user, and also had higher incidences of rupture or complications.Gummy bear implant

Furthermore, there is no risk of gummy bear implants leaking within the body. Other types of implants can cause some women to feel as if they have water inside their breasts, or if the shell breaks inside, liquid can leak out. There is no risk of this happening due to the material of gummy bear implants. Finally, gummy bear implants can last up to 25 years for many people, with only about 20% requiring removal after ten years or less. Many people believe that this is the only breast implant they will ever need.

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The Drawbacks of Gummy Bear Implants

While there are many benefits to gummy bear implants, there are some drawbacks to the procedure and the implants. The cost is one of the most prominent of these. These implants are near twice the price of certain saline implants and are typically more expensive than other silicone options, with the procedure costing between $6,000 and $12,000.

While the surgical procedure is very similar to that of other implants, they do necessitate a longer incision site, and as a result, some doctors warn that there is a higher risk of scarring, or that the scar produced will be larger and more noticeable.Gummy bear implant

While this may not be the case for all patients, it is critical to understand the insertion procedure before committing. Finally, these breast implants are still in their early stages. Because they haven’t been around long enough, they haven’t had the years of testing in human subjects that other options have. That also means they haven’t been implanted in any patients for a long enough period for definitive studies on the long-term effects to be conducted. As one doctor pointed out, just because they are new does not imply that they are superior.

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