How Can One Improve Their Ability To Stay Longer In Bed?

Penile-vaginal orgasm in a monogamous heteros£xual relationship takes 13.41 minutes, according to a study scheduled for publication in 2020. One study from 2005 found that the typical heteros£xual male only needs 5.4 minutes to ejaculate. Several methods exist that may help you stay in bed for longer.

Here, we’ll go over some strategies that can help you stay in bed for longer.

Ejaculating too soon; what does it mean?Ability To Stay Longer In Bed

There are several different ways to define ejaculating too soon. According to the American Urological Association, ejaculating before you or your partner would like to is always considered premature ejaculation. Some groups assign fixed timeslots.

For instance, according to the International Society of S£xual Medicine, ejaculating in less than three minutes might be considered premature. DSM-5, the manual used to diagnose mental disorders, specifies a time frame of fewer than two minutes.

The impact of ejaculation on the connection should be prioritized over the length of time spent together. Early ejaculation is treatable if it causes emotional distress or interferes with s£xual activity. An individual’s ejaculation duration could be considered “normal,” but that wouldn’t stop them from wishing it could go on for even longer.

1. Medications

Premature ejaculation can be treated medically, but drugs are typically only prescribed after other methods have been tried and failed.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of antidepressants that, in some people, can alter s£xual function and make it harder to orgasm. Delaying ejaculation in this way may help a person on an SSRI to enjoy the sexual activity for longer.

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Sildenafil (Viagra) and other medications used to treat erectile dysfunction have been shown to increase a man’s chance of keeping his erection after he has ejaculated. This means they may be able to resume s£xual activity with their partner immediately following an orgasmic experience.

2. Desensitizers.Ability To Stay Longer In Bed

Anything that reduces the sensitivity of the penis may aid in delaying ejaculation. Some doctors may advise the use of numbing creams or sprays.

Typically, the cream or spray can be applied to the head of the penis 20-30 minutes before sexual penetration. They should then rinse the product off 5-10 minutes before sex to ensure that the numbing agent does not prevent an erection or cause vaginal or anal numbness in their partner. Using a condom may help by dulling the sensation even more.

3. Pre-play

Some people may find that foreplay allows them to extend their sexual activity. These people can please and satisfy their partners without having to worry about ejaculating too soon.

In a confidential survey of 1,055 females in the United States, only 18.4% said that penile-vaginal intercourse alone was sufficient for orgasm. In total, 36.6% of respondents stated that clitoral stimulation was required for orgasm during intercourse. In a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, 83.2% of the 1,250 female respondents stated that clitoral stimulation was required for them to experience orgasm.

As a result, incorporating oral lovemaking or manual stimulation into s£xual activities may be beneficial, especially if penetrative intimacy is unlikely to last long enough for all parties to achieve orgasm.

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4. S£x Toys

S£x toys provide a different way for people who have premature ejaculation to practice controlling their orgasms. They can experiment with masturbating with sex toys alone, then discontinuing stimulation just before orgasm. They should try again after a few moments of waiting.

S£x toys can also increase a partner’s pleasure, especially if penetration is not possible for them to orgasm. To help female partners orgasm, try stimulating the clitoris during intercourse and then using a vibrator or other s£x toy.

TherapyAbility To Stay Longer In Bed

Anxiety, for example, can be identified as an underlying psychological cause of premature ejaculation through psychotherapy. A therapist can also recommend tailored exercises to postpone ejaculation and increase s£xual activity.

Attending s£x counseling sessions together has been found to help many couples with premature ejaculation. The right therapist can allay both partners’ concerns about the effects of early ejaculation and suggest joint activities to make s£x more enjoyable.


Biofeedback employs electrical information to assist a person in retraining their body to postpone ejaculation. A person learns to control the desire to have an orgasm over time. Biofeedback is typically performed in a doctor’s or physical therapist’s office.

The healthcare provider may use a probe to measure sensations during masturbation or other forms of stimulation during each session. The client is then instructed to perform exercises, visualization, or other techniques to postpone ejaculation during stimulation.

Performing abdominal and pelvic floor exercisesAbility To Stay Longer In Bed

The muscles that hold up the bladder and allow ejaculation can be strengthened with pelvic floor exercises. It is possible to pause the urination process for 5-10 seconds by tensing the muscles, and then resume. They should be able to increase their hold time by doing this several times daily.

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Physical therapy for the pelvic floor can be very helpful for some people. In the event of weakness in the pelvic floor muscles, a physical therapist will provide a diagnosis and then suggest exercises that can be done at home. In the long run, this could help with bladder control and make sex last longer.

Changes in one’s way of life

S£xual performance might increase if a person adopts a healthier lifestyle. According to a study scheduled for release in 2020, sexual dysfunction can be caused by both biological and psychological factors.

One possible route to a more fulfilling s£xual life is to implement the following changes:

• Keeping away from Drugs of Abuse

• Those who smoke should try to quit.

• decreasing one’s drinking rate

• Doing regular exercise

• maintain a healthy weight by eating a well-rounded diet

• techniques like yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for dealing with stress


There are a variety of strategies one can employ to extend the theme spent in bed. These can include anything from leading a more physically active lifestyle to adding foreplay, s£x toys, or experimental techniques to one’s s£xual routine.

Premature ejaculation is normal in young men, but it’s best to see a doctor if it persists, especially if it’s causing emotional distress or making love uncomfortable. The physician has the option of referring the patient to a urologist or s£x therapist.

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