How to sell used furniture on Facebook Marketplace

How to sell used furniture on Facebook Marketplace: Buying or selling stuff online can be a gamble because you don’t know who you’re dealing with or whether they can be trusted. You should ensure that you’re using trusted platforms like Facebook, among others. With this site, you get to see the buyer’s profile. Here’s how you can sell used furniture on Facebook Marketplace.

1. Do adequate research

Conducting proper research allows you to properly understand the market and any trends you need to be aware of before listing your item on the platform. You also get to know about various colour and design preferences for different potential buyers. Through research, you get to familiarise yourself with the policies and requirements of the platform.

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2. Proper advertisement

Advertising is a great way to let people know what you have for them. With the right advertising, you can easily attract more potential buyers. It’s also advisable to use the right keywords when posting so that your post can appear in different search results. Apart from advertising on Facebook, you can also share the link to your product page on other online platforms.

3. Take proper photos

With clear photos, your buyers can clearly tell what they are about to buy. The photos should be up close so that they show the furniture in detail. You should also ensure that you take several photos from different angles. Most importantly, the quality of the camera you use and the lighting will help you get quality pictures.

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4. Include detailed descriptions

When listing your used furniture in the Facebook Marketplace, you should describe it in detail. This includes clearly highlighting the dimensions, colour, type of material, and size of the furniture. This will prevent you from having any back and forth with customers asking about the furniture measurements.

5. Fairly price your item

One way to maximise your earnings when selling used furniture is by ensuring that your prices are competitive. Doing proper product research will help you know how to best price your item. It’s advisable to check how similar products have been priced on the Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms so that you can fairly price your item. 

6. Be honest about the product

It’s advisable to be completely honest when describing your furniture listing on the platform. Since all your buyers know they’re buying second-hand furniture, you don’t need to lie about the quality of the products, saying they’re in perfect condition. This is an ideal way to build the trust your buyers have.

7. Be open to negotiations

When pricing your items on the marketplace, you should be open to negotiating with your buyers. This way, you will be flexible enough to accommodate different customers. If you list an item and it stays for a long time without attracting any customers, you can reduce the price by a small amount to lure in buyers.

8. Take caution when interacting with the buyers

Unlike most platforms online, Facebook provides detailed background information for most of it’s users, making it safer. However, you can never be too careful when dealing with strangers. It’s advisable to take caution; for instance, make sure the buyer has made all payments before delivering an item or allowing them to collect it. This will help you avert the risk of being scammed.

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Facebook is one of the safest platforms where you can interact with different customers. Depending on the items you’re selling, you can decide whether to offer delivery services. For safety precautions, it’s advisable to meet with buyers in public spaces, or if they are coming to collect the item from your house, they should do it during the day when it’s much safer. With the tips highlighted above, you can easily sell your used furniture on Facebook Marketplace.

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