How to Update Facebook App (Easy Guide)

How to Update Facebook App: Are you aware that each new Facebook update differs significantly from the last? Each update to Facebook includes one or two new features that you might have missed in earlier versions. Learn how to update the Facebook app on your smartphone

More than 100 million people use Facebook regularly. It has consistently been the leading social networking site in the world for connecting people with lost loved ones, old acquaintances, and new friends around the globe. For today, I’ll get right to the point and explain “how to update the Facebook app.”

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How To Update Facebook App

  • Access the App Store or Google Playstore on your iOS or Android device.
  • Search for “Facebook” online.
  • Tap the Facebook app that is listed.
  • You will see an “update” if the Facebook App has recently been updated; if not, you will find an “open” button. To begin updating, tap update.

How do I enable or disable automatic app updates for Facebook on Android?

By activating automatic updates, you can ensure that you’re always enjoying the most recent version of the Facebook app.

To enable or disable automatic updates:

Launch the Play Store or App Store app.

Select Settings by tapping the upper left corner.

Tap Auto-Update apps, then select one of the following

  • Do not auto-update apps.
  • Auto-update apps across any network. There may be data charges.
  • Auto-update apps only using Wi-Fi.


Additionally, you can enable or disable Facebook direct updates if Facebook App Manager is installed on your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will updating my Facebook app affect my login details?

Updating your Facebook app will not affect your log in details. When you update your app, only the features and user interface will change, and your login details will remain the same. 

Is it necessary to update the Facebook App

The answer is YES! The reason is that every new Facebook update comes with new features. For example, some years ago, there was nothing like Facebook events, GIF statuses, or stickers. But with the new upgrade, you can create a live event that everyone will see.

 I can’t access the Google Play Store. What should I do?   

There are several reasons why you can’t access Google Play store. But I’ll go straight to an alternative. You can also go to an online APK store and download an updated version of Facebook that you can install on your device. Be careful so you don’t install malware or viruses.

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