6 Foods You’re Consuming Daily That Are slowly Destroying Your Kidneys

The bean-shaped kidneys are responsible for a wide variety of vital processes, such as blood filtration, waste removal via urination, hormone production, regulation of mineral and water levels, and much more. But some of the foods you eat regularly contain such high concentrations of chemical compounds that they are slowly but surely damaging your kidneys.

Here I’ll tell you about six common foods that contribute to kidney disease and how to avoid them.

1. Red meatslowly Destroying Your Kidneys

The protein content of red meat is particularly high. Even though protein is important for growth, repair, and overall health, not getting enough of it can put a strain on the kidneys.

2. Avocadoslowly Destroying Your Kidneys

Potassium, found in abundance in avocados, regulates the function of our muscles and nerves. Regular heartbeats depend on potassium, which also aids in electrolyte and fluid balance and pH regulation. Hyperkalemia, in which the amount of potassium in the blood becomes dangerously high, is a common complication of kidney disease. A slow heart rate, numbness, and a sickening feeling are all symptoms of hyperkalemia.

3. Peanutsslowly Destroying Your Kidneys

Oxalates, which are found in peanuts, are a known kidney stone trigger. Kidney problems are typically brought on by calcium oxalate stones. If you’ve ever formed a calcium oxalate kidney stone, reducing your consumption of foods high in oxalates may help you avoid doing so in the future.

4. Pre-cooked meatsslowly Destroying Your Kidneys

The kidneys can suffer long-term damage from the high levels of salt and protein in processed meats.

5. Liverslowly Destroying Your Kidneys

The liver isn’t the only organ containing the class of chemicals known as purines, which are abundant in meat. The uric acid crystallizes when there are too many purines in the body, resulting in joint pain or kidney stones.

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6. Canned vegetablesslowly Destroying Your Kidneys

The excessive amounts of salt in canned vegetables make them unhealthy. Having higher blood salt levels makes it harder for the kidneys to flush out excess fluid.

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